Gareth Riddy

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  • I am fascinated by neurology & the brain-body connection. Since adopting a brain based approach I have had much greater success with my clients; sometimes life changing for them & always hugely rewarding for myself. As well as Neuro-Skeletal screening I also offer Posturology & Personal training. I have had huge success with each as a stand alone service & as a combination

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    1. Kirstielouise Gareth Riddy
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      I first met Gareth in March 2015 with the view to beginning personal training sessions; please note at this time I I had no understanding of Posturology or AMN.

      The exercise sessions were particularly difficult, not always a result of the exercise or intensity (although make no mistake, he certainly achieves phenomenal results with the right intensity, pace & application for individual clients), however, my difficulties were a result of serious neurological trauma and irreparable damage to multiple areas of my brain.

      Without becoming to wordy scientific & boring, I was basically unable to walk in a straight line, balance, understand instructions, write, coordinate, and most seriously and distressingly unable to feel any sensation in multiple areas of my body. This had been the case for over fifteen years of my life; despite intensive, specialist & often extremely expensive and disappointing pharmacological, rehabilitation and operative interventions.

      I soon realised Gareth was incredibly talented following a Posturology session which helped with my internally rotated left leg & foot, balance amongst many other impairments. For the purposes of this post I will not discuss Posturology further, however please note this was the just the beginning of Gareth’s wizardry and the start of a journey neither my neurological, rehabilitation teams, Gareth or indeed myself expected.

      The Monday after Gareth attended the AMN course, he began to practice the techniques on me & evident progression was made.

      Several months later & despite several further brain injuries (bleeds, oedema & contusions), the phenomenal changes to my quality of life have been and remain astronomical. Gareth has regained sensations, movement, functionality and actual feeling to parts of my body which was considered medically impossible.

      My team of clinical specialists remain astounded with the immense changes & progression & also wish I had met Gareth many years ago to have very possibly severely reduced the vast degree of operative neurological surgery undertaken.

      I could write endlessly and become entrenched in the physiological and anatomical adaptations, improvements & progression as a result of Gareth’s skills, however, this would still fail to demonstrate how one man has not only transformed my life, but provided astounding progression in areas considered impossible, but also provided my life with hope, meaning & happiness.

      There are no words to thank Gareth for all he has invested and achieved, but if nothing else please take from this review that even when the worlds leading clinicians give up hope, there is a wizard called Gareth who will undoubtedly transform your life.

      Thank you to AMN for providing the tools to transform lives. I hope to rewrite in the next few months with a further update of the increased progress made.

    2. Karen Sasson Gareth Riddy
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      When I sat down to write this review about Gaz (which is how I was introduced to him), I had in mind something that would be short and sweet. This proved harder than expected when I thought about all that Gaz can offer. I have worked with Gaz in his capacity as a Strength and Conditioning Coach / Personal Trainer, for posturology and also for Applied Movement Neurology.
      Strength and Condition / Personal Trainer

      Gaz is a hard task master and there’s no beating around that bush. I had the desire to increase my strength, improve my form, explosive power and overall body conditioning. Gaz helped me achieve that goal. He got me ‘fight’ ready with a controlled programme of weights and creative exercising that draws on his years of expertise in this field. Gaz has managed to balance his hard task master approach with an enabling manner and a sense of humour, all of which will encourage you to reach your maximum output in every session.


      I started a period of Posturology treatment without any expectation; I kept an open mind about it and thought I’d see what happens and where we end up.

      The Posturology treatment with Gaz corrected my foot positioning and hip alignment. The positive impact that this treatment had on my well being and my sports performance was unexpected. With the realignment of my right hip, the back ache that had always been a reoccurring issue for me had gone. My right foot had a common yet annoying habit of pointing out to the right, generally in a 2 o’clock position. My foot now points in a 12 or 1 o’clock position. Importantly, my squat depth improved from its pre-treatment depth.

      Applied Movement Neurology

      This has been an exciting string to Gaz’s bow.

      I suffered from a stutter and hesitation that generally reared its head whilst I was at work. Whilst the words were in my mind, I struggled to vocalise them in a clear and confident way.

      After one session with Gaz (which consisted of tapping, applying pressure and shining a light on to various parts of my body), the hesitation and stutter had gone.

      I have since had further treatments for issues with my rotator cuff / shoulder and for general re-balancing. On each occasion not only have I tried not to giggle at the curious and intriguing method of practice, but I’ve walked away feeling both uplifted and amazed at how this treatment works.

      Gareth is an expert in his practice areas. That’s not just me saying it, but people who know what they’re talking about say it. He believes in and is passionate about his work which shines through during sessions with him. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gareth to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be

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