AMN Teaching Faculty member, Master Practitioner & Coach, as well as; Mentor to AMN Practitioners.

Scott is the creator of AMN Neuro Flexibility & has worked successfully with all levels of neurologic complexity. Scott’s approach is to first assess & then bring each individual’s nervous system towards a state of balance. If resolution of a complex neurologic or pain presentation is the objective, then achieving this (homeostatic) balance is often key. Where Movement is the primary objective, then achieving this balance within the body prior commencing a training program gives the individual’s body every chance of progressing towards their movement or functional goals, as opposed to progressing towards injury, which is often the case when training with pre-exisiting imbalances in the nervous system. Scott’s knowledge & skill set means that he is capable of transforming a person with a nervous system of a degraded output, into a person who is capable of achieving advanced callisthenics strength, flexibility and skills.

As an AMN master practitioner, Scott is a specialist in dealing with: movement compensations, muscle weakness, muscle control, range of motion & sensation, historic injury & surgical compensations, pain complaints, all manner of musculoskeletal dysfunction, trauma to the emotional system, respiratory, gastrointestinal & immune systemic issues, circadian biological function & sleep disturbances, disturbances to the balance system, the emotional motor system, stiffness or dysfunction to myofascial & other connective tissues, post concussion syndrome, stroke, Hay fever, TMJ dysfunction, coordination, posture & memory. All of the above, along with many other issues, can all potentially be normalised. This is all achieved via a utilisation of the entire AMN system, from assessment to calibration of the brain & the nervous system.

A former elite athlete in Taekwondo & athletics, a personal trainer of more than 20 years experience & a master practitioner with knowledge of the entirety of the AMN system along with being both a teacher and a mentor within the AMN education. Scott is ideally placed to help you get your body, your movement capabilities or your skillset as a practitioner, to where it needs to be.

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  • August 11, 2022 4:34 pm local time

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  • Barbara Stenning
    September 26, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    I have been having treatment sessions with Scott for several months now with the results appearing to produce short and long term gains. Balance disturbance was fixed quickly on each occassion of recurrent virtigo. Pain syndrome takes time but Scott seems to produce longer term results with persistace and patience. Scott is very professional and extremely patient! I do not profess any understanding of the science behind this treatment option but I am am very pleased that its an available option for chronic pain syndrome that makes it unnecessary to use pain relief.

  • Kica Saar
    September 26, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    Scott has been my personal trainer for 5 years. I have had quite a few physical injuries which has resulted in pain throughout my body. Scott has been an invaluable resource in helping me not only recover from these injuries through his rehab expertise, but also the neuro-skeletal work he has done on my spine as well as the various pain points around my body. Scott has also been instrumental in teaching me about how to work my body in an optimal way to prevent future injuries. I can happily report that I am now pain free, which has been a massive improvement on my lifestyle. I would highly recommend Scott as a trainer as he assesses your body , evaluates your posture and how your body is working, and then has the expertise to teach you how to recover and use your body to achieve results without injury.

  • sarah jackson
    September 26, 2018 at 2:43 pm

    I cannot recommend Scott highly enough as a trainer and coach. Scott’s commitment to helping me become the best person I could be both physically and emotionally was evident from our first session. Throughout the two years we trained together Scott pushed me to my limits whilst providing a supportive, open environment to manage any issues that arose.

  • Jarrod Schadel
    September 26, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    As a health professional myself that had undertaken the Neuro-Skleletal Course, I was curious to see it in action, and excited to have it done on myself and see what the outcomes would be. From the first phone call to the text message Scott had sent to me the night of our appointment, he was professional and extremely giving in his time and information.
    He’s knowledge of the AMN protocols and principles was inspiring to me and the results that I received in such a short amount of time have me convinced of how effective this modality of treatment is. But the treatment is only as good as the practitioner and I cannot recommend Scott highly enough! The proof is always in the pudding, and in this case the pudding was my hip and ankle, which he was able to unlock in a matter of minutes, and whats even more impressive is that I have kept that new range of motion days later, goodbye daily banded distractions!
    In the 2 hours we spent together I took my understanding of the protocols to a whole new level. He answered all my questions, taught me some really cool new things, and offered help anytime I needed it. If you are a professional and looking to learn more, go and see Scott! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!
    Thanks for your help Scott, and not just with my movement, but with the 2 hours of brain candy! I look forward to the next time we catch up.

  • Suzy Schiavi
    September 26, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    I came to Scott with an extremely painful shoulder injury (due to over exerting myself at Pump Classes) and I will admit from the very first session I came away with a ‘what is this guy on’? completely baffled by his recommended treatment. I thought perhaps he should come with a warning as his techniques were so foreign to me. I had never had an injury like this and I am pushing 60 years of age. Scott made me aware of how my shoulders and knees were carrying the entire load I was putting on my body.

    After quite some time, my head caught up with the science behind this therapy. My core was definitely my weakest area and after years of doing incorrect sit-ups – Scott taught me how to really do a sit-up. I won’t lie – it took months till I could do one effectively. I went away with Scot’s words ringing in my head after he gave me the home exercises: ‘and now you just have to do these exercises, it’s all up to you’.

    To know how correct function of your core impacts on your daily life feels incredible. I feel stronger, lighter, more agile and finally my shoulder injury has recovered.

    Sincerely thank you Scott,

  • Amy Cordiner
    September 26, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    After two surgeries and several years of physiotherapy, I came to Scott earlier this year hoping for another opinion as to how I could improve the strength of my ankle. I first started realising the pain in my ankle in 2011 when it would frequently collapse on itself and the problem was highlight after an MRI showing a tiny piece of bone grinding away at my ankle cartilage for a number of years.

    I had the first surgery in 2012 however, this did not work so we went ahead with a second surgery in 2014, which was successful in growing sufficient fibro-cartilage. Although the second surgery was a success, my ankle had always felt very weak and impacted my day to day activities. I found that if I had been walking around for long periods at a time I would have to ice my ankle at the end of the day because of the pain. I tried to avoid walking long distances and restrained from any impact sports yet my ankle was never completely pain free.

    I came to Scott asking if he knew of any ways in which I could strength my ankle and increase my mobility to possibly improve day-to-day activities. Initially, in the first session of kinesiology I could not understand the treatment and how it would affect my ankle however, after just 3 sessions with Scott my ankle felt completely different and stronger than it had felt in years. I went to my surgeon after the kinesiology sessions with Scott and he was very happy with the improvement in the strength of my ankle and the evident relief of pain.

    Since my sessions with Scott in February I have been pain free and feel like I have a completely new ankle. I was utterly astounded at the effect of the kinesiology by not only relieving the pain in my ankle but also the functionality and improved movement.

    Thank you for all your help Scott and I would definitely recommend this therapy to anyone suffering from an injury and/or post surgery.

  • Jacki Bresic
    April 10, 2019 at 6:48 am

    Scott is the best there ever was.

    I have worked with a number of trainers & coaches over the years but never ever experienced results like this. I can only describe Scott as a 10/10!

    His quest for the highest level of knowledge in his field and application of this with me/his clients is inspirational on a daily basis. He displays the highest level of empathy & care that I have ever experience from a coach, plus he knows exactly what I need at each moment. He works holistically to ensure he is approaching my training with regards to what else is going on at those moments. Plus we have fun whilst training!

    When I try to explain Scott’s approach with the AMN treatment and work to people, it is not easy. It is a “see/experience it” to believe it type thing. He works with both my mum and I, and we often look at each other in amazement post a session. My mum had much pain in her legs… couldn’t get up and down of the ground without any ease, and had such a limited range of motion. All gone, and as my mum says continually “no pain!”, She is delighted and it has given her a new lease on life at 70!!

    For me, Scott has worked on almost everything that I thought was unfixable after Physio’s, Doctor’s, Trainers and continual massages couldn’t fix. From knee pain, to tight traps (since birth), areas that were unable to metabolise fat tissue, To letting me know the prognosis when I became very sick when away… the list goes on… He has fixed the unfixable. He is the absolute MASTER.

    I couldn’t recommend Scott more highly, and my mum and I are so so so grateful that we have him. We are so lucky that he dedicates himself to learning all that he can and cares enough about us to work with us every week.

  • Julie
    April 10, 2019 at 6:48 am

    Highly recommend. I saw Scott after my ACL surgery. Since seeing him my daily activities and movement on my knee have improved a lot. I also had a few bowel issues and no matter how much i drank felt dehydrated. This issue had been ongoing since the birth of my 2nd child 7 years ago but worse since my last child 2 years ago. I had learnt to accept it, seen a few doctors, tried a few meds and natural things but never really fixed them. I never mentioned this to Scott but he kept getting a thirsty vibe from my body. He somehow fixed it, turned the switch on and basically instantaneously i can hold water, bowels are normal again after 7 years. Strange but unbelievable! Such an attentive, calming, welcoming, professional and highly knowledgeable bloke. Highly recommend.

  • Mary Hitchcock
    December 20, 2019 at 3:47 am

    Scott Robinson is such a beautiful caring soul, who’s dedication to helping others transform their lives speaks volumes. I had a TBI several years ago, which has had many issues, other than just sustaining a concussion. One of the issues was my stomach seemed to be disconnected and not functioning, not absorbing nutrients, and no matter what I did, felt consistent pain in that. I can not express my joy that after one session (on-line as we live miles apart) that Scott was able to find the exact pathway/cause which was causing it. It is amazing to now have no pain and I literally can feel my stomach absorb nutrients and the inflammation I consistently felt has gone. Scott, your amazing and I love your work and look forward to working with you more.

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